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My first camera was a Brownie 127, and for quite a while I really enjoyed taking snapshots of family and my native Wiltshire countryside in England. But then reality set in, important things came along, like schooling and college, deciding on a career direction, getting a job, etc., and my interest in photography waned.

I moved to the US in my 20’s, initially to Illinois, and later to New Jersey, which is where I am now. After working for companies in the biomedical instrumentation area in various roles in field service and IT, I am now retired.

For quite a while photography was only a passing interest. At some point I owned a Polaroid, and later a Pentax ME. I still have slide photos taken with the Pentax but could only guess at how to use it well.

Then came digital! My wife bought me a point-and-shoot, and I was sold. I joined a photography club and was delighted to find people with abundant enthusiasm and a wealth of photography knowledge. After a while I moved to two other clubs, and have been with them for number of years, being V.P. in one and a V.P. assistant in the other.

Subjects that catch my attention were, and still are, varied and mainly outdoors. Photography is very broad and deep, and I feel the need to explore more and concentrate more on two or three genres, not at the expense of everything else, but to develop my artistic capabilities. That is the challenge…….

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Please contact me at michaelclarkimages@gmail.com

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